If you grew up in the late NYC in the 80’s and 90’s wearing Tommy Hilfiger, listening to Wu-Tang, had giant hoop earrings, walked around in a pair of Fila, had a Nautica jacket, or if you’re just a transplant and wondered how OG NYers grew up

check out the “Younger Than I’ll Be” exhibit at BAM


Rob Wakshinsky


Adrianne Techasith’s


I spent most of my life as a fat ass, how did I not come up with this?

When did this happen?

Creepiest video you’ll see today

The 4 Chord song.

Japan is a crazy country

reminds me of the time I got a virus by visiting a porn site



My jam back when I was in 7th grade  when they used to air music videos on The  Box. $1.99 for one music video $3.99 for three music videos.

(R.Kelly totally stole Aaron Hall’s style)

this song and music video is so epic

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