I must say as a Korean, South Korea is a weird country with a weird culture where everything seems somewhat backwards. I won’t get into it here, but come on we go to restaurants and cook our own food.

So when I heard that international super-duper megastar Rain’s new music video got banned by the government. I was thinking it’s probably cause he’s either shirtless or dry humping a girl deeming it unsuitable for minors. But the government actually banned his music video because there is a shot of him running through the streets of Seoul without any regard to Korean traffic laws.

watch Rain jaywalk in slow motion and if you didn’t get enough shirtless Rain in Ninja Assassin wait till the end of the music video.

I must say I enjoyed how Rain channeled Bobby Brown and I also enjoyed how this otter channeled Rain


please bring back this show. BAYABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!

most realistic video game ever

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